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Agatha Cackle
Agatha in the TV series



Hair Colour




Plotting to take over Cackle's Academy


Agatha Cackle is Miss Cackle's identical rebellious twin sister; She keeps plotting to take over the Academy from Amelia.


In Mildred's first year, on Halloween, Mildred spots her and her coven plotting to turn the whole academy into frogs[1].

One of Agatha's first instructions was to "Get Hardbroom" noting that she was the one they needed to get first because of her power. In a flash of fear, Mildred turns both Agatha and her coven into snails and puts them in the boxes meant for the frog-pupils and frog-teachers and takes them up to the academy to show to Miss Cackle; Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom then deal with the witches.

At the end of Mildred's First year, Agatha Sneaked into the Academy disguised as Miss Cackle[2], Mildred and company, however, realise that it is not Miss Cackle, but Agatha back to cause more trouble.

The girls track down the real Miss Cackle to the store cupboard in which Mildred and Enid were once trapped. Unfortunately, they are discovered by Agatha's two wicked cronies, Millicent Coldstone and Betty Bindweed. Mildred puffifies them and saves the day, for which she earns a raise in her final grade from C- to A+.

Agatha reappears in Mildred's third year[3], where she sneaked into the school disguised as a new teacher, Miss Granite, with a high-pitched, squeaky voice, a huge cloud of orange curls, and an extremely bizarre personality. She is later found out by Mildred when Mildred comes to collect Tabby from her. Luckily, Mildred and her friends turn Agatha and her coven into snails themselves. While disguised as Miss Granite, Agatha is able to appear and disappear HB-style.


Betty and Millicent Coldstone

In Henrietta Hubble's first year, Belladonna's granny Betty Bindweed and Miss Cackle's twin, Agatha try to take over the school yet again by using the End of Term prize, the very powerful Golden Broomstick. The special broomstick is won and Belladonna takes it to help Miss Cackle's sister take over the school, but their plan is foiled by Hettie.[4]

Physical Appearance

Agatha is Miss Cackle's Identical twin, meaning that they look almost exactly the same, short and plump with grey hair and glasses. To tell Agatha and Miss Cackle apart, Agatha wears large, round glasses that greatly magnify her eyes.

Behind The Scenes

In the TV series, Agatha was portrayed by Clare Coulter, the same actress who played Miss Cackle.


Agatha is bitterly jealous of her twin sister Amelia's position of authority at the Academy (Agatha believes that Amelia “cheated her out of her inheritance”). Multiple times, Agatha and her coven of rebellious witches plotted to overthrow Miss Cackle and take over the Academy.

Agatha's Coven includes Betty Bindweed and Millicent Coldstone. In the Telemovie, Agtha's sidekick is Delilah.


  • In the German translation of the TV series, her name is Agathe instead of Agatha.
  • Despite being evil, Agatha would appear to be a very intelligent witch. In her first appearence, she orders Coldstone and Bindweed to take out Hardbroom, as she's the most powerful witch in the Academy. In her second appearence, she attempts to eliminate Mildred as an enemy before her takeover - recognizing that the pupil would pose a grave threat to her plans.
  • Agatha Cackle’s name in other languages:

German: Agatha- Agathe instead of Agatha


Notes and references

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