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Alice Connor

Birth Name

Alice Rose Connor


2 August 1990



Years Active

Alice Rose Connor (born 2 August 1990) is a British actress, born in Buckinghamshire, England. She played Henrietta Hubble in The New Worst Witch.

She is also known for her roles in the television adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson's novel The Illustrated Mum, As and in the film The Thief Lord as Hornet. She also had a small part in the 2001 movie A Knight's Tale when she was 9. In 2007 she began filming for a new television series, again with Anabel Barnston (Mona in The New Worst Witch). Alice Connor also appears on the programme My Spy Family as Elle Bannon, which is shown exclusively on Boomerang TV channel in the UK. She also attended the Misbourne school.


  • 1998- Fun Song Factory (GMTV Series)- Alice
  • 1998- Coming Home (TV drama)- Young Jess
  • 1999- Alien Love Triangle (short)- Sarah
  • 2001- A Knight's Tale- Lone Girl in Cheapside
  • 2002- Crime and Punishment- Polya
  • 2004-2005- UGetMe- Mia
  • 2003- The Illustrated Mum- Dolphin
  • 2004- Fungus the Bogeyman- Voice Of Mucus
  • 2005–2006- The New Worst Witch- Henrietta "Hettie" Hubble
  • 2006- The Thief Lord- Hornet
  • 2007- My Spy Family- Elle Bannon
  • 2009- Po5t- Ange
  • Spice Girls video- Young Posh Spice
  • 2010- Coming Of Age- Snooty B***h
  • 2011- Hotel Trubble- Jenny
  • 2018 The Saddle Club: Carole

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