Back to Basics is the sixth episode of the second season of The New Worst Witch. It was preceded by The Big Sleep, and followed by The Friendship Test.

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Miss Hardbroom is horrified to find Mona using a battery operated food processor in class and decides her pupils' lives are far too easy. She institutes a "back to basics" regime, and cancels their factory-made potion ingredients so the girls can get a taste of being "real witches." Miss Cackle is happy to go along with the plan and save the school money. The teachers spend the saving on a waffle maker for the Staff Room but Miss Swoop accidentally causes the machine to explode and blow a huge hole in the ceiling. To pay for the repairs they must tighten their belts still further. Meanwhile, Belladonna has made a Witch Pox potion and infects first Dyllis, then Horrocks, and finally Miss Widget with the fatal disease. Even Miss Hardbroom can't cure the victims without the right ingredients, until Cressie and Hettie save the day again.

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