Cosie's Old Mill Tea Rooms, owned and run by Mrs Cosie, is a place out of bounds which the girls sometimes go to. Miss Cackle goes there alot, due to her partiality to cakes. In Mildred's first year, Cosie's, the Academy and surrounding premises are endangered by a certain Mr. Slice whose unknown superiors plans to make a Multigrademaxioxide high grade disposal plant. [1] Sam Hopes, working under Mr. Slice, was responsible for Mrs. Cosie's cooperation. The girls convince Sam that what they are doing is wrong, and turn him into a dog to chase Mr. Slice away. Sam comes back, and the girls, Miss Cackle, Mrs Cosie and Miss Hardbroom celebrate with sweets. They all agree that the events should not be spoken of anymore, for they never took place.

In their third year, Mildred and Maud are sent on work experience to Cosie's cafe, only to discover that Ethel and Druscilla are also doing work experience there too.[2]

Notes and references

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