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Daisy Hughes (The New Worst Witch)

Cynthia: "Egg... and pickle?"
Belladonna: "Don't ever become a cook, Horrocks!"

Belladonna Bindweed to Cynthia Horrocks after she intrudes while Belladonna is eating.

Cynthia Horrocks is a witch and a student at Cackle’s Academy. She is the equally stuck-up, snotty sidekick of Belladonna, who she only hangs out with due to her lack of friends.


The New Worst Witch

Cynthia Horrocks transferred from Pentangle's to Cackle's under a charity scholarship after being forced to leave Pentangle's after Mr Hallow took over her father's factory (Hags & Horrocks). This is the cause for Cynthia's intense hatred of Mona. Cynthia attempted to get Mona expelled by blaming her for trashing Miss Cackle’s Office. Hettie finds evidence to prove that Mona is blameless.[1]

Cynthia had a pet owl at pentangles, which she brought to Cackle's, but she got rid of it after prenting that it was the owl's fault that Miss Cackle's office got trashed.
Cynthia Horrocks

Cynthia in her Pentangle's uniform

At one point, Cynthia does try to get back into Pentangle's by trying to retrieve the missing owl mascot.[2] Unlike most of the other characters, Cynthia is mostly referred to by her surname.

Personality and Traits

Cynthia Horrocks is the equally stuck-up, snotty sidekick of Belladonna, who she only hangs out with due to her lack of friends. However, she does seem to have some morals and was quite uncomfortable when she and Belladonna got Hettie nearly expelled, as well as Belladonna joining forces with Agatha Cackle and her grandmother. During her transfer to Miss Cackle's, she appeared to the staff as a sweet, young and vulnerable student due to her recent family affairs, but then trashed Miss Cackle’s Office in a vile attempt to trick the staff into thinking Mona Hallow did it, to try and get Mona expelled.[3]

Deadly Doubles Part 1 - The New Worst Witch Audio fixed 002 0006

Cynthia with Belladonna



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