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Gillian Hanna (Weirdsister College)

Dr. Josie Foster is the one who discovered and named the Fosters effect.


1998 TV Series

When Miss Cackle teaches her students about the Foster's Effect, she tells them a ryhme about Dr Foster trying to stop the rain, but ending up in a bottomless puddle instead. This is based on an old ryhme: 'Dr Foster went to Gloster, In a shower of rain, She Stepped in a Puddle, up to her middle, and never went there again.' Miss Cackle refers to the rhyme in spells class, saying that Foster's use of magic caused the giant puddle.

Weirdsister College

Dr. Foster is the one who discovered and named the Fosters effect. Despite what many people thought, she was a woman (shown in Dr. Foster, I Presume in the Weirdsister College Series). She is an Australian woman whom in the beginning seems very clumsy and nobody suspects her to be Dr. Foster. She doesn't tell them until they have failed to create "the machine Foster had been working on".


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