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Ben Stemson (Son)


Owner of Misery's cafe


Heather Wright (Weirdsister College)

Elaine Stemson is the owner of Misery's cafe (property of and next to Weirdsister College). She is into New Age Magic and loves her son, Ben, a lot. She was very troubled when the Beetle threatened to close Misery's.


Weirdsister College

Elaine has the seventh sense; Mildred’s Tabby was healed Elaine took him into her hands. [1]

Elaine spends time with her "New Age" buddies, and tries to prove her "Seventh Sense," by going over to Tim and Azmat and offering to tell their fortunes. She sees a "man with a brick," and it turns out that Tim's dad is a builder. Elaine also tries to fortune-tell with crystals, but Ben thinks it’s twaddle. [2] While Ben isn’t keen on magic, Elaine thinks it’s wonderful that his girlfriend, Millie, is a witch. [3]

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Elaine with her son Ben



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