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Mildred and Hettie

Give a Witch a Bad Name is the first episode of the first season of The New Worst Witch. It was followed by The Confidence Trick.

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It's Henrietta Hubble's first year at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches, and she is determined to make a good impression. Things, as they usually did for her cousin Mildred, go badly wrong. When she first comes to the school she hopes to not end up like her cousin Mildred Hubble the "old" worst witch. Mildred has already finished Cackle's but we see her at the beginning of this episode, dropping Hettie off.

Hettie meets Mona Hallow, despite her cousin's warning about not be a friend with a Hallow. They both end up being late and try to sneak in by climbing the brick wall but get caught; both fall in the dust bins.

Hettie has a disastrous start to school; being late and disprupting Miss Cackle's opening speech, splaterring Mr Hallow and Belladonna Bindweed with water and a run in with Belladonna Bindweed, when she got revenge on Henrietta by making her late by telling her the introductory tour is held back an hour.

Belladonna tries to make it up when the girls are shown the golden broomstick, which at the end of the term the girl with most stars wins. After having a midnight feast in Cressie's room, Belladonna sneaks into Hettie's room and releases Fang, Hettie's pet spider. Hettie, Mona and Cressie go on a search for fang, but Belladonna tells Miss Hardbroom. Miss Hardbroom nearly squishes Fang, Hettie tries to stop her, Miss Hardbroom ends with a broken nose, and Hettie disgraces Cackle's and is given 3 minus stars. Caspian gives Fang back to Hettie.

Hettie makes friends with Ethel Hallow's sister, Mona and Crescentmoon "Cressie" Winterchild; a member of the Hedge Witch Community.

"Give a Witch a Bad Name" Part 3 - The New Worst Witch07:15

"Give a Witch a Bad Name" Part 3 - The New Worst Witch

"Give a Witch a Bad Name" Part 2 - The New Worst Witch05:39

"Give a Witch a Bad Name" Part 2 - The New Worst Witch

"Give a Witch a Bad Name" Part 1 - The New Worst Witch08:55

"Give a Witch a Bad Name" Part 1 - The New Worst Witch

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