Hermione Cackle
Hermione Cackle as shown in a History book.

Magical Status




Hair Colour


Eye Colour



Founder of Cackle's Academy, Highwaywoman


Amelia Cackle (Descendant)

Hermione Cackle is a witch and a founder of Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. She is also an ancestor of Amelia Cackle.

Hermione is described as "a magical Robin Hood" because she stole from the rich and gave to the poor, she was also described as an "action witch".


1998 TV Series

Hermione Cackle, also known as "Great great great great great granny Cackle", "Cackle the Jackal" and "Granny Cackle" is one of the distant ancestors of Miss Cackle, and the founder of Cackle's Academy. The girls sing about her in class on Founder's Day in the episode "Up in the Air" of the original series. One of the pupils also states that "she was an action witch". And "a highway woman". She was like "a magical Robin Hood" because she stole from the rich, and gave to the poor. She also supposably turned a certain Wicked Highway Man, "Mad Mitch", into a water rat. These stories are written down in a book from the library of Cackle's Academy.


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