This is a list of characters in The Worst Witch books, telemovie and TV series. Also included are chracters from Weirdsister College  and The New Worst Witch.

Cackle's Academy Staff

Miss Amelia Cackle- The plump, plesant and kind-hearted headmistress of the Academy. (Renamed Miss Ada Cackle in the 2017 series)

Miss Constance Hardbroom-The fearsome deputy headmistress of Miss Cackle's Academy, and Mildred's form mistress. (Renamed Miss Hecate Hardbroom in the 2017 series)

Miss Davina Bat-the loopy and eccentric chanting teacher at Cackle's Academy. Often found in the staffroom cupboard. Also teaches history in the 2017 series.

Miss Imogen Drill- The PE teacher, and the only member of staff who is non-magic. (Renamed Miss Dimity Drill in 2017 series, where she is magical and teaches broomstick flying.)

Miss Lavinia Crotchet- The replacement chanting teacher for Miss Bat in season 3. Though not quite as eccentric as Miss Bat she still has her own charm and quirks.

Miss Gimlett- A teacher who is mentioned but is never actually seen. She was meant to take over as Mildred's form tutor at the start of her second year.

Miss Marigold Mould- The art teacher, She uses a lot of flowery language and can be quite dramatic.

Miss Gabrielle Gribble- A student teacher from Weirdsister College, and Miss Cackle's niece.

Mrs Maria Tapioca- The head cook of the kitchens at Cackle's Academy.

Mrs Semolina- The replacement cook while Mrs Tapioca is away.

Mr Frank Blossom- The caretaker at Cackle´s, and an inventor of all kind of contraptions.

Mr Ted Blossom- Frank's Brother, and the replacement caretaker in season 3.

Miss Gullet- Health-and-Safety-conscious teacher in 2017 series who also teaches Spell Science. She becomes Agatha Cackle's sidekick.

Mr Algernon Rowan-Webb - In the 2017 TV series, Mr Rowan-Webb becomes the first wizard teacher at Cackle's. He takes over from Miss Gullet as the Spell Science teacher.

Miss Spellbinder- Flying teacher from the 1986 telemovie

Miss Deirdre Swoop- Pentangle's pupil who becomes the PE teacher in The New Worst Witch.

Miss Nightingale- the passionate and dramatic art teacher of Cackle's, Replaces Miss Bat/Miss Crochet in TNWW.

Miss Myrtle Widget- The eccentric and passionate art teacher who replaces Miss Nightingale in the second season of TNWW.

Caspian Bloom- The librarian at Cackle's who replaces Mr Blossom the handyman in TNWW.

Mrs Alma Cackle- Miss Cackle and Agatha's mother, and former headmistress of the Academy.

Hermione Cackle- Founder of Cackle's Academy

Cackle's Academy Students

Mildred Hubble- A good-hearted, but bungling young witch-in-training, who never seems to get anything right. She is friends with Maud Moonshine and Enid Nightshade.

Maud Moonshine- Mildred´s first and best friend at Miss Cackle's Academy. (Maud Spellbody in the books and 2017 TV series, Maud Warlock in the 1986 film.)

Enid Nightshade- known for being a practical joker and is best friends with Mildred Hubble and Maud Moonshine.

Ethel Hallow- Mildred Hubble's acid-tongued rival. She always gets straight As in everything and is spoiled, snobbish and vindictive.

Drusilla Paddock- Ethel Hallow's best and only friend.

Ruby Cherrytree- Part of Mildred's circle of friends. The resident mad scientist of the Academy. Often in trouble for her gadgets and inventions.

Jadu Wali- Part of Mildred's circle of friends. Very democratic. Later becomes Deputy Headgirl to Mildred

Fenella Feverfew- One year ahead of Mildred, and is friends with Griselda Blackwood.

Griselda Blackwood- One year ahead of Mildred, and is friends with Fenella Feverfew.

Sybil Hallow- Ethel's younger sister. Rather gullible but excels in music

Clarice Crow- Sybil Hallow's best (and presumably only) friend. (Clarice Twig in the 2017 series)

Beatrice Bunch - Sybil Hallow's other friend (From the 2017 series)

Dawn Raven- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Gloria Newt- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Harriet Goodcharm- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Bryony Besomsworth- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Tansy Weirdstone- Another student at Cackle's Academy in the same year as Mildred.

Esmerelda Hallow- The older sister of Ethel, she is two years above Ethel at Cackle's.

Felicity Foxglove- a student at Cackle's Academy in the 2017 series.

Henrietta "Hettie" Hubble-The younger cousin of Mildred Hubble, and just as clumsy.

Crescentmoon "Cressie" Winterchild- A member of the Hedge Witch Community, and friends with Hettie.

Mona Hallow- The younger sister of Ethel Hallow and Sybil Hallow, she is friends with Hettie.

Belladonna Bindweed- The stuck-up, conniving and nasty rival of Hettie, Mona and Cressie.

Cynthia Horrocks- The equally stuck-up, snotty sidekick of Belladonna.

Dyllis Mustardseed- A minor character in Hettie's year.

Roseanne Speedwell- A minor character in Hettie's year.

List of Students at Cackle's Academy- There are about 60 students at Cackle's, and various names can be seen in the series.

Weirdsister College Staff and Students

Prof. Alicia Thunderblast-The head of the College.

Dr. Jenny Wendle- An experienced first year tutor, and Millie's mentor.

Dr. Andy Starfinder- American wizard who looks to broaden the boundaries of magic with science and his inventions.

Prof. Johnathan Shakeshaft- The oldest member of staff, teaches (and forgets) various types of magic.

Veronica Dewdrop (known as The Beetle)- Takes care of the Foster's Effect and upholds the rules and regulations of the College.

Mr Denton- The Caretaker

Cas Crowfeather- Mildred's new best friend.

Nick Hobbes- Dark and secretive wizard.

Azmat Madaridi- Wizard, best friend of Tim.

Tim Wraithewight-Wizard, best friend of Azmat.

Ben Stemson- Non-magical worker of Misery's, Mildred's boyfriend.

Elaine Stemson- Owner of Misery's.

Parents and Relatives

Ms Julie Hubble - Mildred's mother, who is non-magical.

Mrs Ursula Hallow- Ethel's mother.

Mr Hallow- The Chair of Governors at Cackle's and Ethel's father.

Mrs Mavis Spellbody- Maud's mother.

Mr Gordon Spellbody- Maud's father.

Mona Spellbody- Maud's grandmother.

Mrs Narcissus Nightshade- Enid's mother.

Mr Nathaniel Nightshade- Enid's father.

Other Witches

Agatha Cackle- Miss Cackle's identical rebellious twin sister, she has tried to take over the Academy on multiple occasions.

Betty Bindweed- One of Agatha Cackle's cronies.

Millicent Coldstone- One of Agatha Cackle's cronies.

Delilah- Member of Agatha Cackle's Coven in the Telemovie.

Donna- Miss Cackle's Niece in the Telemovie.

Mistress Hecketty Broomhead- The School Inspector, She took over briefly as headmistress in Just Like Clockwork.

Miss Pippa Pentangle-The headmistress of Miss Pentangle's Academy for Witches, and friends with Miss Hardbroom. (Miss Phyllis Pentangle in the 1998 series)

Deirdre Swoop- Pentangle's pupil who goes to Weirdsister College, and later becomes the PE teacher in The New Worst Witch.

Sapphire Hailstone- Pentangle's student who competes in the Spelling Bee.

Amanda Honeydew- Popstar and member of the Spell Girls.

Lucy Fairweather- Famous Witch who defeated Baron Overblow and saved the peasants from him.

Harriet Hogweed- Was defeated by Lucy Fairweather.

Miss Bronwyn Blackcat- Director of the Witchcraft of the Year show

Miss Darkside- Replacement teacher in the 2017 series.

Dr. Josie Foster- The woman who discovered the Foster's Effect.

Alison- Prof. Shakeshaft's fiance from the middle ages.

Phoebe Nettlebetter- a Pentangle's student who appears in New Worst Witch.

Araminta Hexley Gore- Witch famous for doing the levitating boomerang broomstick trick.

Grand High Witch- Judges the talent competion in Mildred's fourth year.

Miss Doomstone - The School Inspector in Miss Softbroom.

Other Wizards

Chief Wizard Egbert Helibore- The Grand Wizard, and headmaster of Camelot College.

Benjamin Greengage- Deputy Headmaster of Camelot College.

Algernon Rowan Webb- Was turned into a frog, Mildred gets Mr Hellibore to turn him back.

Merlin Langstaff- An ex-apprentice of The Chief Wizard, now Mr Rowan-Webb's apprentice.

Barry Dragonsbane- The Grand Wizard's bullying apprentice.

Gary Grailquest- The Grand Wizard's other bullying apprentice.

Charlie Blossom- Caretaker Frank Blossom's nephew, he becomes a pupil Camelot College.

Icy Stevens- Famous DJ and radio host.

Mortimer Mistletoe- The Bully who turned Algernon Rowan-Webb into a frog.

Mandrake- a long-dead Wizard that once owned Algernon's riverside house.

Zac Hawthorn- Pentangle's student who competes in the Spelling Bee.

Oliver- Egbert Hellibore's grandson, who wants to take chanting classes.

Guy De Malfeasance- The Whisperer, has been trapped in the walls of Weirdsister College for many years.

Richard Avalon- Wizard authour.

Artemis Hardbroom- Miss Hardbroom's Nephew.

Wizard Stoneyface- Judges the Wiz of The Year competition.

Supreme Magician- Judges the talent competion in Mildred's fourth year.

Non-Magical Characters

Miss Lynne Lamplighter- local artist who visits the school for Art Week.

Mrs Cosie- owner of the local tea-rooms, Cosie's.

Serge Dubois- Boy scout chief and Miss Drill's boyfriend.

Rocky Mountain Rangers- Group of boyscouts including Bean Pole, Spooky, Bounce and Tin Can.

Michael Rafferty- Poses as Prof. Von Raffenburg

Terry Root- Mr Blossom's Rival in the Gardening Competition.

Percy Slyce- Sam's boss who schemes to shut down Cosie's.

Sam Hope- Kind hearted businessman who helps to save Cosie's.

Miss Pike- Basketbell coach at Heversham High.