Potions are magical mixtures usually brewed in cauldrons and used to create various effects on the drinker. Potions are brewed from ingredients with magical properties. Potions can be used as medicine, poison, or give the drinker any effect from strength enhancement to making them invisible. Potions are not necessarily used by drinking, as some can be applied by physical contact. Potions must be brewed carefully to achieve the proper effects. Those that are brewed incorrectly may have adverse or unintended effects.

Potions are created with a strong balance of practicality and magic. There are many different potions, which are listed below. Some powerful magic requires a combonation of a potion and a spell, such as Sybil Hallow and Clarice Crow's magic torch, and the bell of The Lost Chord.

See also List of Potion Ingredients

List of Potions

Anti-Gunge Potion: On Upside Down day, Fenella and Griselda instruct the teachers to make this potion, before flinging gunge at Miss Hardbroom to test it. Seen in Animal Magic.

Confidence Potion: In The Confidence Trick, when Cressie fails her broomstick test, Mona and Hettie go to Caspian to find the ingrediants to a confidence potion. They try it out, but Cressie backs out of drinking it at the last minute, and drops of potion cause the table to disslove into a white liquid.

Cross-Genderalisation Potion: Changes a person into the opposite gender. Hettie and Artemis make this for Mona so she can enter the boys-only Wizz of the Year Competition. However they only have half the ingredients and the potion's effects are not exactly as Hettie had planned- Mona remains a girl but grows a beard, and her voice gets deeper. Seen in Girls Will Be Boys.

Crystal Ice Potion: A difficult potion that turns the drinker into Crystal ice. Mildred manages this in third year under the tuition of Miss Gribble . Seen in Learning the Hard Way.

Dancing Potion: Clarice and Sybil lace the teachers' salad with this potion, but the teachers dance on the table and end up trashing the staff room. Seen in The Genius of the Lamp.

Debating/Speech Potion: When Chief Wizard Hellibore organizes a girls vs boys debate, The wizards get Merlin to make a potion which will give them an unfair advantage, making them speak more eloquently. Mildred finds out what the wizards are up to. She takes some of the potion herself and enters the hall where the debate istaking place, where she then reveals what the wizards were up to! Seen in Sweet Talking Guys.

Elixir of Life: During a potion lesson to make the elixir of life, Mildred drops Bonzo (Ruby's cyberpet) into her Elixir of Life potion, which overflows onto the desk and floorboards. They then come to life as trees and destroy the potion laboratory. Seen in Sorcery and Chips.

in Shaky Foundations, The Elixir of Life is a potion made from extracts of Sorcerer's Eggs which can prolong life (or even give immortality). It is a potion that can make you immortal (or live 700 years longer than you should).

A Tincture Potion is mentiontioned the same episode, which is similar to the Sorcery and Chips version of Elixir of life, in that it restores natural objects from sickness to health and makes dead plants go healthy again. It was discovered during the Middle Ages.

Enlarging Potion: Makes things grow larger. Mildred's class make this potion and test it on snails. Seen in When We Feast at the Midnight Hour. In King Kong Kittie, Belladonna uses a similar potion on Hettie's Dog, Kitty.

Finger-Spark Potion: in their second year, Mildred's class learn the use of finger sparks to enhance the effect of spells with Miss Hardbroom in Alarms and Diversions. Mildred ends up using the finger sparks to save Sybil Hallow from a magical tornado.

Forget-me-Not potion: A person who drinks this potion cannot stop thinking about the person who made it. If you have been given this potion you have dilated eye pupils and when you open your mouth a purple heart comes floating out. Seen in Dr Foster, I presume.

Hair Growth Potion: In The Worst Witch Saves the Day, Mildred uses this potion to grow her hair back after Ethel chops it off, but the potion makes her hair grow out of control. Seen in the book The Worst Witch Saves The Day.

Hiccuping Juice: Mildred spills this potion in class once causing all the students and Miss Hardbroom to get the hiccups. Seen in The Inspector Calls.

Invisibilty Potion: Mildred and Maud make this potion by mistake in their first year, when they are supossed to be making a Laughter Potion. The same potion is used by the frog-Mildred used to turn invisible in A Bad Spell For The Worst Witch . This was also the potion used by Agatha Cackle and her coven to try to sneak into the Academy. When taking invisibility potion, you disappear instantly, but reappear gradually, starting with the head, then the rest of the body and finally the feet. Seen in A Mean Halloween, Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, and Its a Frogs Life. Invisibility Potion is Green in colour.

Laughter Potion: Mildred and Maud are supposed to make this potion in their first year potions class. They add pondweed mistaking it for one of the ingredients but make an invisibility potion instead. Seen in A Mean Halloween. According to Miss Hardbroom, a laughter potion should be made quickly in case of an emergency. Laughter Potion is Pink in colour.

Magic-Hypno Potion: A potion to put somebody into a hypnotic trance. You can then probe their mind and find out anything you wish. Seen in Dr Foster, I presume.

Obedience potion: Makes a person obey whatever they are told to do, whether it is god or bad. Hettie takes this potion in Hettie’s final Warning. At first, Hettie is a model of good behavior, but Belladonna and Cynthia find this out and try to get Hettie expelled.

Plant Growing Potion: When Mr Blossom's greenhouse is trashed by his rival, Terry Root, and his marrows are destroyed, Mildred and Maud find one marrow untouched and decide a growing potion will help Mr Blossom win the gardening competition. Seen in Green Fingers and Thumbs.

Popularity potion: Dyllis uses this to make herself popular in Truth or Lies. The recipe is found in The Enchanted Book of Potions .

Potion to turn sour milk to cream: Mildred's class study this potion in their second year. Seen in Green Fingers and Thumbs. Ingridents include: henbane, toungefern, A single mustard seed, Strands of wheatgrass, A stinging nettle, leaves of silverweed, Toadflax, broadbean juice, and snot gobbles.

Rock Transformation Potion: Turns the drinker into a rock. Mildred's class study this in their third year. Seen in Learning the Hard Way.

Shrinking Potion: Makes things shrink. When the Witchy Hour radio show was hosted at Cackle's Academy, the girls have to make this potion as one of the tasks. Seen in The Witchy Hour.

Sleeping Potion: In The Big Sleep, Belladonna makes a sleeping potion, and it ends up in the Witches' Brew, sending everyone asleep during an Offwitch Inspection, and Hettie and her friends are left to save the school from closure with Miss Swoop's help.

Strength Potion: Makes the user Extra strong. Mildred and her classmates are able to lift up large boulders with the help of this potion, but Mr Hallow is so preoccupied with his computer that he doesn't notice. Seen in Sorcery and Chips.

Temporary Witch Powers Potion: To give Miss Drill a chance to fit in, Enid, Mildred and Maud mix a potion to give her witch powers temporarily. They then proceed to give Miss Drill the potion without her knowledge, with the intention that it will wear off after a few hours. However they accidentally give her an overdose of the potion, causing her powers to last for longer. One of the ingredients is Spiders' Egg. Seen in Power Drill.

Temporary Witch Powers Potion antidote: Miss Drill then becomes selfish and unreasonable with her powers, and changes her name to Hilary Hemlock. Mildred, Maud and Enid decide they have to come clean about the potion. After Drill hears the truth, and realises that in order to remain a witch she would have to continue taking the potion regularly (which could cause unknown side effects), she decides to return to normal and takes an antidote. Seen in Power Drill.

Transformation potion: A potion which will make bad people good, and shy people confident. Hettie, Mona and Cressie make this for Dyllis in The Curse of Cackle’s; it turns her from shy to confident to help her with her solo performance of the school song. However, Hettie cannot resist the temptation to try some of the potion herself - just to see what will happen. While under the influence of the potion, Hettie sets out to fulfil a curse which will destroy the school...

Tree Transformation Potion: Turns the drinker into a tree. Take too much and you may be unable to turn back. Mildred's class study this in their third year. Seen in Learning the Hard Way.

Truth Potion: Makes a person tell the truth. Enid uses this on Baz and Gaz to make them admit they like Mildred, in Better Dead than Co-ed . The recipe is found in The Enchanted Book of Potions. Hettie makes this in Truth or Lies.

Wide-Awake Potion: Wide-Awake Potion is used by Miss Hardbroom. It presumably keeps the user awake. Wide-Awake Potion is seen in the episode where Millie is a frog, in 'It's a Frog's Life'; we see the bottle in Miss Hardbroom's handbag. "A handkerchief, a bottle of Wide Awake Potion and a notepad and pen/pencil tied with an elastic band." are the contents of Miss Hardbroom's bag. The third Worst Witch book, A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch (which 'It's a Frog's Life' is based on), does not Mention Wide-Awake Potion.

Miss Hardbroom's use of Wide-Awake Potion is alluded to in Carried Away: Amelia: "We all need rest" Constance: "I sleep most nights, six hours at the weekend!"

Witch Pox potion: In Back to Basics, Belladonna makes a Witch Pox potion and infects first Dyllis, then Horrocks, and finally Miss Widget with the fatal disease, and even Miss Hardbroom can't cure the victims without the right ingredients, until Cressie and Hettie save the day again.

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