This page is a list of Adaptions and Spin-offs of The Worst Witch books, that where either Proposed and did not happen, or are being worked on.

Disney Adaption

Jill Murphy has said in an interview that 'I almost lost her to Disney in the 1990s, but they wanted complete control over everything, which I just could not bear. Imagine what they might have done with her,'[1]

Animated Series


An image from Alagram's Animated Adaption

Alagram posted on its website in early 2008 that thet had been 'commissioned to develop the hugely successful Worst Witch books by Jill Murphy...over 4,000,000 copies sold.into an animation series.' They also posted a concept image. However, nothing else has heard about the project since.[2]

2014 Spin-off Series

Proposed in early 2014, This Series would have featured much of the original cast reprising their roles in a series set when Mildred and her classmate were grown up. However, Jill Murphy was not keen on the idea and refused to release the rights, the status of this project is currently unknown.[3]


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