This a list of the many different spells seen in the The New Worst Witch. In this series Spells have pseudo-Latin incantations. Spells are mentioned in the books, but no specific incantations are given. See Also List of Spells in The Worst Witch (1998 TV Series) and Magic in Weirdsister College.

Transformation Spells

  • To making a food: Ick Stem Nimoe, Pizza, Crustico Fleck!

Reversing Spells

Moving Spells

  • Broomstick summoning spell: Provicum Clinslorum Etnuna Etsorum!
  • To suspend a bottle of potion in the air: Potion Nomnotion!
  • To move a bottle of potion in the air: Filarum!
  • To explode a bottle of potion: Epilis Sticarum!

Transportation Spells

Appearing and Disappearing Spells

Continuance Spells

Restoring Spells

Weather Spells

Miscellaneous Spells

  • Make liquid food bubble over the place: Ariatus, Impregnatus, Inflatus, Inflacartus!
  • To increase the size of a bag: Elorum Elatis Begorum Begatis Baggus!
  • To shrink something: Shrinkus Minisculus!
  • To make something really tall: Maximus!
  • To make something really small: Minimus!
  • To decrease the length and increase the height (and opposite): Decreasus, Increasus, Proportiomatus!
  • To tie someone's shoe laces together: Crissus Crossus, Tangus Knottus!
  • Time Stopping Spell: Tempus, Fugit, Arestum.

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