Lost and Found is the second episode of the second season of The New Worst Witch. It was preceded by The Curse of Cackles, and followed by Girls Will Be Boys.

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Hettie's dog Kittie has disappeared. Anxious to find him, Hettie asks Cressie for a "lost and found" spell to bring him back. Unfortunately Cressie doesn't quite get the words right and Hettie also brings back an assortment of long lost and unwanted objects, including a tiny gold key. Searching in a secret room, Dyllis and Horrocks find a beautiful box and use the key to unlock it. The two girls unwittingly release a fierce storm which was trapped inside the box and now starts to swirl out of control around the school, threatening to destroy Cackle's Academy for ever.

The New Worst Witch series 2 episode 210:50

The New Worst Witch series 2 episode 2

The New Worst Witch series 2 episode 2 part 210:39

The New Worst Witch series 2 episode 2 part 2

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