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Ursula Holden Gill (1998 TV Series)

Lucy Fairweather is a powerful good witch who lived in ancient times. She was famous for defeating an evil overlord and freeing the peasants whom he tyrannically oppressed, and noted for her motto: "A good witch cannot allow the innocent to be harmed by witchcraft." 


1998 TV Series

In the days before Cackle's Academy was even established, the castle was the home of a cruel overlord named Baron Overblow. He tyrannically oppressed the peasants who served under him, so much so that it incited a rebellion, which was led by a powerful and wise good witch named Lucy Fairweather.

Knowing that he was no match for Lucy Fairweather, Baron Overblow hired a cunning sorceress, Harriet Hogweed, to destroy Lucy and the peasants by making the castle collapse on them. Despite the fact that both witches were evenly matched in the magical arts, Hogweed was defeated by Lucy in “the greatest battle this castle has ever seen”[1], and subsequently Baron Overblow was overthrown and the peasants freed from tyranny.

This event came to be noted as one of the most exciting and universally-known moments of the castle's history. In fact, on Halloween in Mildred’s first year, her class performed Lucy's legendary rescue of the persecuted peasants from Baron Overblow's clutches, though it ended in dismal failure due to Ethel's bewitching of Mildred's broom out of spite. [2]

When Ruby, Griselda and Fenella accidentally bring Lucy back from the past in Which Witch Is Which?, she claims to be Lucy Fairweather, as does another woman who turns up. They run about the castle, duelling, which leads to it falling apart. The school is thus evacuated, with the exception of Mildred and her friends. Miss Hardbroom is about to turn Ruby, Griselda and Fenella into toads for their crimes for bringing the historical figures into the future, but Mildred steps forward and stops her. Miss Hardbroom says that Mildred will be turned into a tree forever and, just as she casts the spell, the other Lucy Fairweather steps forward and blocks the spell. Mildred and Miss Hardbroom reveal that they had together made a plan to discover the real Lucy; the real one would step forward and not allow Miss Hardbroom to punish Mildred. Then, Miss Hardbroom and Lucy Fairweather turn Harriet into a tortoise, and Miss Crotchet takes her to the Wizards. [3]



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