Magical Education covers School and College education for witches and wizards. Witches and Wizards are typically taught in single-sex schools, after which many go on to co-educational colleges, although the Witches' Training College is likely for Witches only.

Founding Stones

Founding Stones are important magical artifacts that are gifted to magical schools in order for magic to remain "charged". They are most typically placed underneath the foundation of magical schools so that they are inaccessible to the likes of evil magical users.

Founding Stones are gifted to magical schools by the Magic Council, possibly by the current Great Wizard.


There are thirty [1] schools for sorcery, magic and witchcraft scattered throughout Britain, mostly in isolated places.[2] These schools include:

Witches and Wizards seem to start school around age 12 and finish at age 17-18, similar to non-magical British secondary schools. All magical schools must have Guild Approved Status (also known as G.A.S.) in order to teach and stay running, and are subject to inspections by Ofwitch.


There are also a number of colleges where witches and wizards can continue their education after finishing school. Weirdsister College (institution) , located in Cambridge, seems to be the most prestigious; there is also Primrose Hill College and the Witches' Training College.