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Kacey Ainsworth (2017 TV Series)

Miss Gullet was the Spell Science teacher at Cackle's Academy who is conscious of Health and Safety and has written an entire tome on health and safety procedures.
Gullet HeathSafetyBook

Miss Gullet's Heath and Safety book

She is rather unpopular amongst the other teachers at Cackle's and is often left out of staff outings. Miss Gullet is described as 'a really boring teacher.'[1]

After being kicked out of Cackles after it was revealed she had turned Algernon Rowan-Webb into a frog, she joined Agatha Cackle in her attempts to take over the academy.


2017 TV Series

In Pond Life, it is revealed that Miss Gullet turned Algernon Rowan-Webb into a frog so she could take his job, and she is dismissed from the staff as a result. She is later seen working with Agatha Cackle.

In Out of Bounds and The Worst Headmistress, Miss Gullet assisted Agatha in taking over the Academy. Hiding outside the cottage where Agatha had spent the last year imprisoned, she stole Mildred's broomstick and then destroyed it. The takeover of the Academy was a success, and she placed alarm spells all over the school under the guise of protecting the students from danger, but was in fact meant to discourage them from calling for help or trying to rebel against the new headmistress. During the time she and Agatha ran the school, she showed a truly malicious side to her nature. She turned Enid, Maud and Ethel into cakes in the headmistress's office when they tried to rescue Miss Cackle from the portrait she was trapped in. She and Agatha end up trapped in a painting by Miss Cackle and the Great Wizard, who had been transformed earlier into a balloon by Agatha, Miss Gullet, and Miss Hardbroom - the latter forced to help to prevent Agatha from using an annihilation spell to destroy the school.

Miss Gullet

Miss Gullet


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