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Elizabeth Bower (The New Worst Witch)

Miss Myrtle Widget is the eccentric and passionate art teacher who replaces Miss Nightingale in the second series of The New Worst Witch after Miss Nightingale's unexplained departure at the end of the first series.


The New Worst Witch

In King Kong Kittie, Miss Swoop confides in Miss Widget that she has a crush on the Inspector, Mr Chalmers, although he never seems to notice her. Miss Widget and Miss Swoop are on first name terms and appear to have known each other previously.

For the end of year exams, Miss Widget's set task is create something "uniquely you". In the final episode of the second season "The Odd Couple" both Miss Swoop and Miss Widget fall in love with Caspian after they both accidentally drink Mona's love potion.


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