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Susan Wooldridge (1998 TV Series)

Miss Pike teaches PE at Heversham High .


1998 TV Series

Miss Drill arranges a friendly basketball match with the Heversham Hevvies from her previous school. The other school team arrives on a bus. They're huge, organised, uniformed, and they all yell "hello" in military fashion. Miss Pike (a nasty, no-nonsense drill sergent who only plays to win) informs Miss Drill that she has no intention of going easy on her fledgling team.

The Hevvies led by the imperious Miss Pike, are tough and ruthless and during the basketball game, and walk all over Cackle's Academy. With the other school's coach reffing, the bigger girls are rather rough and agressive. All the teachers and most of the school are watching the humiliation of their team. At half time the witches go into a huddle without Miss Drill and decide to use magic as pay back.

The game takes an "enchanting" turnaround once spells and invisibility potions are introduced. Once Drill figures out what's going on she calls a time out. With the score tied, she forbids the use of magic from then on, and Mildred's team devises a new strategy. Mildred gets the ball at the last second; she makes the shot and Cackle’s win the match. [1]



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