Caspian Bloom
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Ian Lindsay (The New Worst Witch)

Caspian Bloom is a wizard and the librarian at Cackle's Academy. He's an absent-minded and more likely to be found asleep over his desk or eating doughnuts than doing anything useful, but on a rare occasion, when he actually has the motivation, he shows that he's actually a pretty powerful wizard.

He took a Shine to Hettie after she told him to cheer up ("Your face might stick")[1], and, despite his grouchy demeanour, he subsequently helps her to get out of (or more often in) trouble.

Both Miss Swoop and Miss Widget fell in love with him after they both accidentally drunk Mona's love potion.[2]

Magical Talents

Caspian has been seen to do a lot of magical talents that not many witches or wizards could possibly do. During the time where Henrietta Hubble was in Cackle's Academy he turned a cabbage into solid gold, however, it disintegrated due to Mona Hallow's disbelief.

Caspian has also been able to alter a persons eyesight: when Belladonna Bindweed insulted him (She called him blind) he hexed her making her short-sighted.[3]



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