Mr Perky Pentangle is the eleventh episode of the second season of The New Worst Witch. It was preceded by Hettie's Final Warning, and followed by Saturday Witch Fever.

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It is near the end of term and the pupils at Cackle's are facing end of year exams. Dyllis knows she'll fail flying and enlists Hettie's help for some secret lessons in the woods. Meanwhile Mona is struggling with Miss Widget's set task - to create something "uniquely you" - and she is determined to get an A at any cost. Dyllis and Hettie find an owl in the woods and Dyllis convinces herself he helps her to fly. She takes him back to school and hides it in her room. The owl is, in fact, The Pentangles' School mascot and an emotional Miss Pentangle arrives at Cackle's to look for her pet, and accuses the school of stealing the owl as a form of school rivalry. A row erupts between the two rival Headmistresses and Miss Pentangle casts a spell. If the mascot is not returned before sunset, Cackle's Academy will turn to dust...