Mrs. Ursula Hallow
Ethels mother

Magical Status




Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Blue Grey



Member of the Magic Council (Head of Education, formerly)


Emma Handy (2017 TV Series)

Mrs. Ursula Hallow is Esmerelda, Ethel and Sybil's mother in the 2017 TV Series. She is also a former member of the Magic Council.


2017 TV Series

In Maud's Big Mistake, Ethel discovers that her mother is using a projection spell to attend Ethel's parents' evening appointments because she can't be bothered to come, even though she plans to come for Esmerelda's prize giving the next week. Ethel feels that her parents give Esmerelda and Sybil more attention than her.

In "Ethel Everywhere", Mrs. Hallow visits Cackle's, at the request of Miss Mould, who thought Sybil was homesick. This comes at a particularly dangerous time for the school's reputation, as the Founding Stone of the school has recently gone missing, while Ethel has cast a spell that created multiple clones of herself. Mildred manages to find the Founding Stone and get rid of the Ethel clones, but her mother still expresses dissatisfaction at Miss Cackle's recent actions. Miss Cackle reveals that Mrs. Hallow is an important member of the Magic Council.

In "Miss Softbroom", the Hallows have made a complaint about Miss Cackle due to Esmerelda losing her powers and the fire in Sybil's room. Miss Cackle is summoned to a meeting at the Magic Council, where she is presented with a petition calling for her resignation. In "A New Dawn", with help from Miss Pentangle, Mildred discovers that Mrs. Hallow faked the signatures on the petition, which prompts the Grand Wizard to summon Mrs. Hallow directly to Miss Cackle's office. After Mrs. Hallow admits that she faked the appeal as payback for Esmerelda losing her powers, the Great Wizard removes Mrs Hallow from the council, although Miss Cackle asks him to show leniency on the Hallows for the sake of Ethel and Sybil.