Ms Julie Hubble
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Nicola Stephenson (2017 TV Series)

Ms Julie Hubble is Mildred's mother. Although non-magical, she seems supportive of her daughter becoming a witch. According to the Telemovie, Mildred’s mother always wanted to be a witch, but she didn't have ‘the gift’. She plays a bigger role in the 2017 series, where she is Mildred's only depicted parent, and in season 3 she becomes the new art teacher who replaced Miss Marigold Mould at Cackle's Academy.


2017 TV Series

In "Selection Day", Julie is magicked into the school and, after talking it over with Mildred, she allows her to stay at Cackle's Academy.

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Mildred with her mother

In "The Best Teacher", when a wisdom spell goes wrong and turns Mildred into an old woman, Mildred, Maud and Enid explain Mildred's absence by saying that Mildred's mother is ill (with a problem toenail) and Mildred had to go home to look after her. In the end, Miss Cackle summons Mildred's mother, and Maud casts a spell, which gives Julie ingrown toenails, thus making Mildred's story seem true, and avoiding trouble for Mildred.

In "Maud's Big Mistake", Julie attends parent's night at Cackle's. When Mildred finds her mother talking to the other parents about witchy things, she wonders if she's secretly a witch. Mildred and her mother see Miss Hardbroom, who goes through Mildred's mishaps week by week, but Julie stands up for her daughter, pointing out that Mildred hasn't actually broken any rules in the witches' code and that as a senior witch, Miss Hardbroom has a duty of care towards junior witches like Mildred. Mildred wonders how her mother even knows the witches code. Later, she explains that she's not a witch, but was just making small talk to fit in with the other parents, and she knew the witches' code because the school gave her a copy along with the other paperwork when Mildred was enrolled.

After Mildred is expelled from Cackle's in "Out of Bounds", Julie helps her daughter cheer up by playing her at dancing games on the TV, although Mildred soon returns to the school in "The Worst Headmistress", when it is revealed that she was expelled only to protect her from Agatha Cackle.

In the second season premiere, "Tortoise Trouble", it is revealed that Julie has helped Mildred practice her flying over the summer, with the result that Mildred is now more coordinated on regular flights. At the end of the episode, Mildred's talking tortoise, Einstein, is sent back to Julie after he helps Mildred win a prize with her summer project.

in "Mildred's Family Tree", Mildred learns from her mother that her father was a non-magical plumber named Dave, and he doesn't know about Mildred as he had lost touch with Julie by the time she realised she was pregnant. Julie says Dave was kind, funny and quite clumsy. She asks Mildred if she would like to track him down, and she says maybe one day.

In "Hollow Wood" Mildred says that her mother used to be a Girl Guide, and took her camping every holiday.

In "The Big Freeze", when the breakdown of magic at Cackle's after the draining of the Founding Stone causes the witches on the family trees to 'come to life', Mildred learns that her great-grandmother thirteen generations back was actually a witch, Mirabelle Hubble, who sacrificed the magic of the next twelve generations to reignite a Founding Stone. While Mildred contemplates making the same sacrifice to restore the Founding Stone of Cackle's, Julie is visited by her own family tree figure, who informs her of Mildred's current situation. Julie is able to free Mildred from the magical ice that had frozen her as Cackle's was frozen, and witnesses her daughter begin to sacrifice her magic to the stone before Miss Mould took over. After learning about their real family history, Julie assures Mildred that she has no regrets about not having the chance to come to Cackle's herself, jokingly observing that the academy's tea is terrible.



Mildred and her mother have a close relationship; Maud comments to Mildred that: "Your mum knows you're happy. You're like best friends."


  • In the 1998 TV series, Mildred’s parents’ address can be seen in the episode The Uninvited, on the expulsion letter envelope. See this Image