This article is written from a real world point of view and so is not considered part of The Worst Witch universe.

New Girl is the fourth episode of The Worst Witch (2017 TV Series). It was first broadcast on CBBC and CBBC HD on 25 January 2017. It is preceded by Tabby and followed by Pond Life. This Episode marks the first Appearance of Tamara Smart as Enid Nightshade.


The first years try out their magic tablets "maglets" and Enid arrives at school with her famous parents. Maud is sent to Miss Cackle for drawing a funny picture of Miss Hardbroom and Ethel. Miss Cackle allows Maud to convert a space under the stairs for the first years to have a space of their own.
12615431-low res-the-worst-witch

Mildred with Enid's monkey

Mildred is amused by Enid singing out of tune and Enid picks Mildred to look after her whilst Ethel swaps her mablet with Maud's. Enid tells Mildred that she has been expelled from 17 schools, and shows Mildred her pet monkey, which is really her cat under a spell. The Monkey then escapes and gets into Miss Cackle's Office. Miss Cackle magics a cage and puts the caged monkey in the cupboard where confiscated items are kept.

The first years have potions class with Miss Hardbroom, where they are making a laughter potion. Ethel makes Maud be her partner, and Enid partners with Mildred, while Drusilla, Ethel's usual partner, works alone. Ethel and Maud make a perfect laughing potion, but Mildred and Enid mess theirs up and turn invisible instead.

That night Enid and Mildred plan to use the Invisibilty Potion to sneak into Miss Cackle's office and get Enid's Monkey/Cat. Mildred sends a message to Maud on her maglet, telling her what they're doing, but Ethel gets Maud's message as she still has her maglet. When Mildred and Enid sneak into Miss Cackle's office, Ethel follows them and locks them in the cupboard, then goes to get Miss Hardbroom, intending to get them expelled.

Maud and Drusilla then show up, Drusilla having told Maud what Ethel was doing. They leave just before Ethel and Miss Hardbroom arrive to find the cupboard empty. Miss Hardbroom is annoyed that Ethel woke her up for nothing and tells her that she'll be writing lines. The next day, the first years are in their new space under the stairs, were Maud adds the finishing touch: A drawing Mildred has done of their class. Maud gets her maglet back from Ethel, and as head of first year, confiscates Ethel's mablet. Enid says she no longer wants to be expelled, as now she has friends, Mildred and Maud.

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