is Ethel Hallow 's cat. Like most of the other cats, he is black all over. Nightstar is very good at flying. He sits on Ethel's broomstick as if he is a model glued down. He is so good that he puts all the other cats to shame. Even when not on the broom, Nightstar sits bolt upright and still like a statue. Nightstar is very protective of Ethel. When Mildred Hubble's cat Tabby ended up on Ethel's broomstick, he kept on swiping down on his guest.

"Almost all the first-year witches were in the yard trying to persuade their puzzled kittens to sit on their broomsticks. Several were already clinging on by their claws, and one kitten, belonging to a rather smug young witch named Ethel, was sitting bolt upright cleaning its paws, as if it had been broomstick riding all its life!"- The Worst Witch


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