Owls are kept as pets by some witches instead of cats. Pentangle's Academy students and staff have owls, which are also the school's mascot.
Cynthia Horrocks owl

Cynthia Horrock's Owl

Miss Pentangle, as Headmistress of Pentangle's Academy, owns an owl which is also the school mascot. Dyllis and Hettie find the owl in the woods and Dyllis convinces herself he helps her to fly. She takes him back to school and hides it in her room. The owl is, in fact, The Pentangles' School mascot, and Miss Pentangle arrives at Cackle's to look for her pet.

Cynthia Horrocks had a pet owl at pentangles, which she brought to Cackle's, but she got rid of it after prenting that it was the owl's fault that Miss Cackle's office got trashed.

Deirdre Swoop, being a former Pentangle's student, has an owl which she brings to Cackle's when she starts teaching there.

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