Pheobe Nettlebetter

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Sophie Ann Day

Phoebe Nettlebetter is a witch who attended Pentangle's Academy. She is shown to be very fussy and rather up-tight.


The New Worst Witch

Phoebe Nettlebetter is a student at Pentangle's Academy. She appeared in The New Worst Witch in Series 1, Episode 9, The Visitors, as a student at Pentangle's who was evacuated to Cackle's Academy when her school flooded. She was made to share Henrietta Hubble's room, along with a few of her classmates. She is very fussy and is shown to be quite stuck-up. During an evacuation of Pentangle's Academy, she had to share a room with Henrietta Hubble, which she criticised by calling it a "dump".

At the end of the episode, Phoebe tells Hettie that she had done "pretty well" at finding a camp for them all to stay at, "for a Cackle's girl", and says that "they never get to do anything nearly as exciting as camping out at Pentangle's". Hettie says thank you and shows Phoebe her tent. Phoebe gets in it and Hettie and Mona laugh as the tent traps Phoebe and pulls her up.


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