In addition to the Witches Code, pupils at Cackle's Academy are expected to follow the rules of the school charter. This charter is far larger than the witches code and likely has more rules. There are exactly 99 during Mildred's time at Cackle's, and an 100th is added in the episode Rules, Rules, Rules in The New Worst Witch:

  • Rule 12: "Girls should not answer back."
  • Rule 21: "Girls must not ride broomsticks indoors."
  • Rule 30: "Dormitories must be kept tidy and in good condition at all times."
  • Rule 31: "Dormitories may be furnished with personal items in moderation. Please refer to appendix ix for a list of permitted items."
  • Rule 32: "Furnishings, fittings and fixtures provided by the academy must be maintained to remain in good condition and working order."
  • Rule 33: "Cackle's Academy does not permit pupils to have pets or animals on the premises, except for a black cat which will be presented to each pupil upon successfully completing the Broomstick Flying Aptitude Test."
  • Rule 34: "Food may not be kept or consumed in the dormitories any time."
  • Rule 35: "Potion making and spells are strictly forbidden in the dormitories except when in accordance... activities."
  • Rule 36: "The possession of... strictly forbidden... outside the p..."
  • Rule 100: "All school rules must be kept at all times, except when they need to be broken."

Writing in italics is where the words were unseen on screen but are likely the correct words. Rules which include "..." are unclear. By looking at the rules, it is probable to assume that each section takes up ten rules. For instance: 10-19 could be to do with etiquette and attitude, 20-29 could be rules about broomsticks, 30-39 are clearly rules to do with dormitories.

These rules are likely numbered from 20-25 but this is unclear:

  • "... activity to their..."
  • "... must take place outside of..."
  • "... es are premitted to be carried... academy. A list of permitted... can be found in appendix ii towards the..."
  • "... leave their rooms after 'lights out'.
  • "... of other pupils in..."

Here is a list of rules whose numbers aren't specified:

  • "A confiscated item must remain a confiscated item until the end of term."

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