This article is written from a real world point of view and so is not considered part of The Worst Witch universe.

Selection Day is the first episode of The Worst Witch (2017 TV Series). It was first broadcast on CBBC and CBBC HD on 11 January 2017 as a double length episode, counting as episodes one and two of the series. It is followed by the episode 'Tabby'.


Maud Spellbody crashes into Mildred Hubble's flat on her way to Cackle's Academy, where it's Selection Day. Ethel Hallow makes a good first impression on the teachers. Mildred helps Maud, whose glasses were broken in the crash, get to school, but they both crash-land in the pond. They tell Miss Hardbroom that Mildred was supposed to attend Pentangle's, but decided that Cackle's is better.

Esmerelda Hallow, Ethel's older sister, gives the students a tour and Miss Cackle helps Mildred cope with the effects of a transfer spell. Mildred and Maud sneak off to look at the kittens and Ethel eavesdrops on them discussing how Mildred is not from a magical family. They lose a kitten, but find it in the kitchens.
12615166-low res-the-worst-witch

Mildred and Maud

Mildred struggles with the written exam, but Miss Cackle encourages her to do what she is good at, but she only manages to get 1%. Miss Cackle's twin sister, Agatha, turns up, and Miss Cackle gives her permission to speak to Miss Hardbroom for an internet article.

The students make their potions and Mildred successfully manages to levitate, after taking some of Ethel's pondweed from her dragon potion, making Ethel wrongly turn into a worm. Mildred owns up and when Ethel reveals that Mildred is from a non-magic family, she automatically fails.

After thinking she's confided in Miss Cackle, Mildred finds out it was really Agatha, after which she witnesses her putting a spell on the celebratory meal. When Mildred tries to warn the staff, she is magicked outside the school grounds. With the help of a magic frog she levitates herself back into the school, where she manages to prevent Miss Cackle eating the soup, announcing Agatha put a spell on it.
12614607-low res-the-worst-witch

Agatha threatens to take over the Academy

Agatha invokes a section of the Witches Code and she and Miss Cackle have a magical duel. Agatha wins and turns Miss Cackle into a snail. After Miss Hardbroom pointedly drops hints (in Midred's direction) about how students or staff are bound by the witch's code and can do nothing about Agatha now being in charge, Mildred prompts the cat to knock the soup with Agatha's spell - which was a total obedience spell - over Agatha and then orders her to turn Miss Cackle back to normal. Agatha's powers are then confiscated. At the end, Mildred's mother Julie is magicked into the school and, after talking it over with Mildred, she allows her to stay at Cackle's Academy.


  • It is unclear how Esme and Miss Cackle knew Mildred's name, given that Miss Hardbroom teleported Mildred and Maud immediately to Miss Cackle without introducing them to Mildred first.

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