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Patrick Labbè (1998 TV Series)

Serge Dubois is the leader of the Rocky Mountain Rangers whom the Cackle's students meet in the episode "The Great Outdoors". He later becomes Miss Drill's boyfriend in the third season.


1998 TV Series

While on a camping trip, the campsite Serge and the Rocky Mountain Rangers are staying at is double booked with Cackle’s Academy. The two groups decide to share the campsite; the boys get along extremely well with the girls, and Serge gets along even better with Miss Drill.

The next day, Miss Drill and Serge decide to send the group on a treasure quest. The entire group is devided into two teams (Druscilla, Ethel and and three Rangers against Mildred, Maud, Enid, Jadu and a Ranger named Spooky). When Mildred's team get to the treasure map first, Ethel casts a weather spell on them. This provokes Enid into casting one back and so on and so forth until a blizzard starts and the two teams are forced to hide out in the woods together.

With a heavy blizzard raging, Miss Drill suspects magic and begs Miss Hardbroom to stop the weather; she refuses and the two group leaders charge into the blizzard. After another sip of tea, Miss Hardbroom walks outside and promptly stops the blizzard, much to everyone's relief. In the end, it turns out that Spooky found the treasure anyway, and everybody comes together in a celebration of tea and marshmallows. [1]

Two years later, Miss Drill is fed up of Miss Hardbroom treating her like one of the pupils and threatens to resign, and go work at the adventure center with her boyfriend; although not named, this is most likely Serge. [2]



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