Terry Root

Magical Status







  • Christopher Ettridge (1998 TV Series)
Terry Root is Mr Blossom’s rival in the gardening competition.


1998 TV Series

Mr Blossom's chances of winning the local gardening competition are sabotaged by his rival, Terry Root. Root has persuaded Miss Cackle (with a certain amount of blackmail concerning the girls' behaviour in the village) to allow the gardening competition to take place in the Academy Courtyard. Terry Root then sneaks out to the greenhouse, and has an altercation with Mr. Blossom about who's going to win the marrow growing contest. That night, Root comes back and drains one of Mr. Blossom's marrows. Unfortunately, his feet get stuck and he smashes everything in sight before running away.

While Miss Drill and Mildred are inside the tent housing the competition, Ethel and Drusilla sneak about and pump a growing potion into Mr. Blossom's marrow, which causes it to explode. Miss Hardbroom catches them before they can get away, and proceeds into the tent where a food fight had broken out between Mr. Blossom and Terry Root. [1]



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