This article is written from a real world point of view and so is not considered part of The Worst Witch universe.

The Visitors is the ninth episode of the first season of The New Worst Witch. It was preceded by The Levitating Boomerang Broomstick, and followed by The Bewitching of Mona Hallow.

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The arch rival school Pentangle's comes to stay at Cackle's as their school has been temporarily evacuated due to flooding. Hettie wants to make the girls feel welcome but the Pentangle's girls remain totally unimpressed and critical of the old fashioned Cackle's. In an attempt to 'wow' the Pentangle's girls Hettie shows them the Golden Broomstick but damages it in the process. Miss Cackle is distraught and Hettie is threatened with expulsion. Hettie makes a spell to fix the broomstick but causes the entire school to be evacuated as magic glue glows through the school. Hettie eventually manages to impress all as she sets up a magical camp for both schools in the woods.

"The Visitors" Part 1 - The New Worst Witch07:14

"The Visitors" Part 1 - The New Worst Witch

"The Visitors" Part 2 - The New Worst Witch08:08

"The Visitors" Part 2 - The New Worst Witch

"The Visitors" Part 3 - The New Worst Witch06:38

"The Visitors" Part 3 - The New Worst Witch

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