The Worst Witch: Magic Adventure is an online game based the 2017 series of The Worst Witch. the game can be found on the CBBC website:

The Description the CBBC site reads: "Fly on your broomstick and discover magical items to collect for Miss Hardbroom’s potions class. Can you find all the ingredients and complete your spell book? Look out for Mildred, Maud, Enid and the other witches – they have special challenges for you!"

Weekly Challenges

New Challenges are added each week:

Challenge 1 - Collect 3 knotweeds: This week's challenge is to play Magic Adventure and successfully collect three knotweeds for your magical potions.

Challenge 2 - Catch 8 cats who have flown away on the broomsticks: Quick! Can you complete this week's challenge? The broomsticks have flown off with the cats on them. Help Mildred get the cats back to the academy before Miss Hardbroom finds out.

Challenge 3 - Collect 7 foxgloves: In this week's Magic Adventure you will need to successfully collect seven foxgloves for your magical potions.


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