Wide-Awake Potion is used by Miss Hardbroom. It presumably keeps to user awake. Wide-Awake Potion is seen in the episode where Millie is a frog, in 'It's a Frog's Life'; we see the bottle in Miss Hardbroom's handbag. "A handkerchief, a bottle of Wide Awake Potion and a notepad and pen/pencil tied with an elastic band." are the contents of Miss Hardbroom's bag.

The third Worst Witch book, (which 'It's a Frog's Life' is based on) A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch, does not Mention Wide-Awake Potion.

Miss Hardbroom's use of Wide-Awake Potion is alluded to in Carried Away: Amelia: "We all need rest" Constance: "I sleep most nights, six hours at the weekend!"

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