The following rules and guidelines should be followed when editing the Wiki:

  • All edits and additions should be in english, with proper spelling and grammar.
  • No spam, vandalism or otherwise pointless edits.
  • When making a page, please check that the topic doesn't already have an article.
  • when adding infomation, mention whether it is from the books, TV show, New Worst Witch etc., as there can be diffrences between sources.
  • no speculation/fan fiction please
  • when making a new page, add links in the text to connect to other articles, and add catagories at the bottom of the page.
  • Don't give everything it's own article. While it might be tempting to give everything its own article, somtimes it may be better to include minor things as part of a larger article or as some form of list article.
  • Non-Worst Witch related links should point to Wikipedia articles, e.g. another movie or TV show an actress has been in. the code is:Article name.
  • don't clutter articles with too many images or videos; an article dosen't need twenty images of the same thing.
  • on user pages, non-Worst Witch related content should be kept to a minimum

Any edits not complying to these rules may be deleted.

Thank You, Wiki Admins

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